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Intention Pose of the Day: Sukhasana

Sukhasana involves hip flexion and external rotation of the thigh bones (ie crossed legs). The main limiting factor for creating ease is the need to have fluid external rotation. For many people, tightness of the groin and/or outer hips resists the ability of the thigh bone to rotate outwards and allow the knees to release downwards. So, instead of the thighs and knees releasing to the earth, they lift up towards the ribs. Add in tight hip flexors and the kinetic chain really starts to go downhill.

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Intention Pose of the Day: Navasana

Oh, how everyone is on the 'core' bandwagon these days. Some seeking postural therapy, others striving for the slim and trim waistline. This has brought on a wave of yoga sequencing crazes by yoga teachers with Navasana (Boat Pose) being tossed in repeatedly. As much as I appreciate the sensation of 'core' engagement that Boat pose offers, I find the use of this seated pose excessive and, in many cases, inappropriate for the masses.

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Intention Pose of the Day: Natarajasana

I played with King Dancer pose today and it immediately helped me acknowledge how organic alignment and misalignment can greatly affect the perception of quality of ‘depth’ in asanas. Dancer pose offers key stretching benefits to the hamstrings (supporting leg), hip flexors (elevated thigh side), abdominal muscles, and chest (elevated thigh side).

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Yoga and Lines of Gravity

Gravity can be defined as the agent that gives weight to objects with mass and causes them to fall to the ground when dropped. In the context of yoga, gravity provides the medium in which we can exert force, generate strength, and root against to form poses. By understanding the basic principle of 'lines' of gravity, we can be more effective in our approach to alignment, exertion, and pose formation.

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Travel Warrior: Balance and Focus Restoration Yoga Flow

Breathe in clarity and space as you flow through a series of standing poses, balances and transitions aimed at drawing attention inwards while also circulating energy throughout the body and mind.

Yoga Siesta for the Spine

Give your spine a joyful release as you lightly take the body into all ranges of spinal plane of motions with Kreg Weiss. From twists to bends, ease tension out of key muscle areas that typically prevent the spine from enjoying fluid space.

Safe Wrists in Yoga Chest Opening Poses

The anterior shoulder and pectoralis muscles present great challenges to our postural health as these muscles tend to be chronically tight. Yoga stretches utilizing interlaced fingers can be an effective method of breaking down this muscular tightness and expanding the heart center. However, these chest openers are often performed incorrectly presenting potential injury for the wrists.

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Seven Common Mistakes When on a Healthy Weight Management Plan

Part of an overall healthy lifestyle is maintaining an appropriate body composition. When attempting to decrease body fat percentages, many people make some common mistakes that greatly hinder success in achieving effective weight loss.

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Delve Into The Health Benefits of Balasana

Balasana (Child's Pose) can be a highly under-rated and under-utilized Yoga Pose in our Yoga classes. Balasana yields tremendous physical, mental, and energetic benefits including:

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Functional Biomechanics of the Yoga Vinyasa Jump Through

The classic, straight leg jump through in Vinyasa/Ashtanga flows requires a combination of specific strength engagement techniques along with ample range of motion in the back lines of the body. With this foundation of strength and flexibility, you then need to be able to coordinate these physical elements in order to systematically flow the legs through to sitting.

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Yoga for Healthy Body Composition and Weight Management

An important part of a balanced health and wellness program is managing your body composition and understanding what is a healthy body weight for your body type. A consistent Yoga practice, a clean Yoga diet, and observance of Yoga principles and lifestyle habits can help you find this balance in managing your body weight.

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Mindful Neck Protection in Shoulderstand Yoga Inversions

In Sarvangasana, Halasana, and other inverted Yoga poses that place the neck in forward flexion, the posterior neck muscles and the Nuchal Ligament can undergo substantial stretching. For those with tense neck muscles and rigid Nuchal ligament tissues, this deep stretching can lead to chronic or acute damage to these important, supportive tissues.

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Maintaining Safety and Space in Yoga Back Bends

Hatha Yoga has an array of back bending or back arching Yoga exercises that deliver a wealth of health benefits when done correctly. Back bending Yoga poses can be intimidating to those who have low back pain or previous low back injuries. When performed with the right intention and alignment techniques, back bends can be safe, effective, and revitalizing. The common error of doing back bending Yoga exercises is the immediate emphasis of moving into the spine thinking that we need to increase the "flexibility of the vertebrae".

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Knee Integrity in Warrior Yoga Poses

A variety of Hatha Yoga poses provide a wealth of strengthening and endurance conditioning. Many Standing Yoga Poses like Virabhadrasana (warrior pose) or lunging Yoga poses require proper knee alignment to allow for complete flow of energy and to maintain strength, safety, and stability in your Yoga class.

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Kapalabhati: Using Pranayama as a Kriya Yoga Cleanse

Kapalabhati is a highly energizing abdominal breathing exercise that acts as a kriya or a yoga cleanse. The vigorous exhalations act in many ways to yield benefits beyond the energetic qualities of this advanced yoga breathing exercise.

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