Exciting Vega Sport Day

I just received a Vega Sport starter package today, and I am thoroughly excited to try this out.  This is great timing as I am planning to shift into a ‘gain’ training program this season.  After reviewing all the various treats, I sure realize how helpful these products would have been when I was training for national athletic competitions 10 years ago.

Highlights of this starter package:

Pre-Workout Energizer, Endurance Gel, Electrolyte Hydrator, Endurance Bar, Recovery Accelerator, Protein Bar, Performance Protein

The key element to any serious, focussed training program is proper fuelling.  Fuelling before training is essential so the liver and muscles have ample energy (glycogen) stores.  General consensus is we should have a meal that is medium glycemic 2 hours prior to training to load up the muscles.  Then, 1 hour before, we should have another small meal/snack that is medium to high glycemic to further load the liver.  There can be a small amount of protein in this last pre-training snack to help reduce muscle tissue breakdown, but this should be a small amount so digestion is quick (both for loading the liver and for gastric emptying purposes).

We want to maintain steady energy stores and hydration during prolonged training to maximize performance.  It is important that during training, foods and fluids are of low concentration (ie diluted with plenty of water), so the body can digest these items.  If the concentration is too high, you could end up with an upset stomach.  Adding any easily digested carbohydrate to your water actually helps ‘drag’ water more readily into the body.  Again, concentration is key – keep it diluted.

And right after training, it is absolutely crucial to refuel to avoid breakdown of muscle tissue.  The muscles have been depleted of glycogen and want to replace this immediately.  If there are no carbohydrates in our blood system to convert to glycogen, the body will turn to muscle tissue.  The end result is tissue breakdown, poor recovery, and poor performance for future trainings.  So, in the first 30 minutes of post-training, we should consume a medium to high glycemic snack with a bit of clean protein.  And then, 1 hour post-training, another medium glycemic meal should be consumed to further refuel energy stores.  This first 1.5 hours is considered the ‘prime time’ for fuel recovery.

What I really like about the Vega Sport products is how they are wonderfully designed to support all 3 energy fuelling stages of training.  They utilize natural plant-based proteins, high quality carbohydrates and fats, and contain no additives, preservatives or chemical flavours.  A by-product of training sessions is the body naturally produces free radicals as part of metabolic processes.  These Vega Sport products are packed with alkaline-forming ingredients which counter these free radicals and the inflammatory state the body could remain in post-training.  Therefore, besides offering proper refuelling, Vega Sport also enhances overall recovery which is essential for long-term training progression and avoiding the development of chronic injuries.

Achieving performance goals is 50% preparation, and 50% execution of that preparation. Check out the new Vega Sport line and see how it can support your training program especially if you are struggling with one or all stages of energy fuelling.  If your training goals are more about body weight management, keep in mind that proper fuelling is still essential.  Training on an empty stomach reduces your capacity to train all out.  Not eating immediately post-training, again, can lead to muscle tissue breakdown and gradual decreases in capacity to train effectively.  Keep it smart, eat smart.



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