Getting a Little More Earth Friendly with Loose Leaf Tea

Received my new Loose Leaf Tea Glass from Libre Tea.  This is a great way to brew and transport tea with ease.  I am often dismayed at seeing people buy takeaway tea at cafes from which every cup ends up in the landfill.  With this Libre Tea Glass, you can eliminate takeaway cups and eliminate tea bags.  For those looking to be more financially savvy, making your own premium tea from loose leaves can be a big cost savings over a year period.  I also question how healthy it is to be using paper tea bags – even if the tea may be ‘organic’, could you be leaching toxics from the paper tea bags.  That’s why I aim to use only loose leaf teas.

Some features about the Loose Leaf Tea Glass:

  • a health conscious glass interior and durable poly exterior  – keeps tea hot and cool to touch
  • a removable stainless-steel filter that keeps tea leaves in the glass, out of your mouth and is removable for easy cleaning (the design has two separate filtering methods that allows you to make Green, Black and White teas which you can remove the leaves after brewing OR herbal teas like Rooibos and Honey Bush that you can leave in the glass)
  • Both the glass ‘n poly and glass’n glass Libres are a BPA-free experience for your tea.


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