Review: Staying Clean and Green with Soap Works

The popularity of all-natural body care products has increased substantially as people are pursuing more in-depth means to achieve wellness.  Much concern over traditional body care brands are chemical ingredients that are showing increasing potential for health hazards.

I made a point of supporting and purchasing all-natural body care products several years ago with my number one target being “NO LAURYL SULFATES”.  There is much debate on lauryl sulfates on being potentially carcinogenic.  While the debate continues, I prefer to not wait out who is exactly correct (given that most scientific studies have some bias or lobby group distorting the results) and just avoid unnecessary chemical additives.

One product that I am particularly fond of is bar soaps from The Soap Works.  This company exudes integrity offering a product line genuine in its’ intentions all the way down to producing high quality, chemical-free products, maintaining an emphasis on minimal or zero packaging, having displays that are predominantly eco-friendly, and most of all being wonderfully affordable.

From The Soap Works team:

“Our soaps have always maintained the highest quality. And because people expect the same good value as when we started, our prices are kept low and competitive. None of our products have ever contained phosphates or lauryl sulphates. None of our products have ever been tested on animals. Furthermore, The Soap Works have always kept packaging to a minimum in order to create the smallest environmental footprint that we can…”

My personal favorites are the Cucumber & Calendula Soap and the Oatmeal Soap.  Both offering a gentle cleansing experience without drying out the skin or feeling aggressive.  Check out their full product line which can help people with skin sensitivities, fragrance allergies, oily skin, dry skin, etc so they can comfortably and effectively wash their hands, face and body.  You can find their displays at many natural food markets including Choices Market, Avril, and Tau Marche.


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