Knee Integrity in Warrior Yoga Poses

A variety of Hatha Yoga poses provide a wealth of strengthening and endurance conditioning. Many Standing Yoga Poses like Virabhadrasana (warrior pose) or lunging Yoga poses require proper knee alignment to allow for complete flow of energy and to maintain strength, safety, and stability in your Yoga class.


Kapalabhati: Using Pranayama as a Kriya Yoga Cleanse

Kapalabhati is a highly energizing abdominal breathing exercise that acts as a kriya or a yoga cleanse. The vigorous exhalations act in many ways to yield benefits beyond the energetic qualities of this advanced yoga breathing exercise.

Using Reciprocal Inhibition Techniques in Yoga Forward Bends

In Janu Sirsasana and many other Yoga Forward Bend Poses, we explore the expansion of the hamstring muscles. The resistance of the hamstrings against the sit bones (ischial tuberosities) limits the motion of the pelvis structure in relation to the thigh bone, thus reducing the amount of forward bending motion we can generate at the hip joint. By applying the principal of reciprocal inhibition in our Yoga practice, we can manipulate the neural signals of key muscle groups to more effectively relax the hamstrings and to increase our ability to fold into our yoga forward bend poses.

Satya: Bringing Truth to Our Yoga Practice

Satya is a powerful, foundational element to apply to our Yoga practice. When adding this element during our Yoga class, a greater purpose to each asana (Yoga pose) occurs. Even though we are performing Hatha Yoga (physical practice of postures), we move ourselves to a powerful place of observing and awareness.