Toronto Yoga Show 2012

I am back from a busy weekend at the Toronto Yoga Show.  I had a great time meeting people via the My Yoga Online booth as well as hanging out with the teams at Vega and Halfmoon Yoga.  We handed out amazing hourly prizes along with a mega grand prize valued over $1000.

The highlight of the weekend was teaching a 1 hour hatha flow on Saturday afternoon to over 150 people.  I gave a short anatomy discussion on knee integrity / Q angle principles in standing poses followed by a warming hatha yoga practice.  I had a delightful conversation afterwards with a gentleman reviewing the knee anatomy discussion that I presented.

Our t-shirts were a massive ‘hit’ at the show.

Great people, great energy, tons of fun.


4 thoughts on “Toronto Yoga Show 2012

    • Hi Maria, Yes, it will be great to meet in person. No, I do not have any classes planned in NY. However, I would love to chat with you more about workshops etc in your area. See you in NY 🙂

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