Sivana Spirit: Yoga Clothing and Accessories

I am excited to have been added as an Elite Ambassador for Sivana, a wonderful, grounded company offering an array of yoga wear and accessories for women and men.

“Sivana” means “Oasis of Enlightment”.  Sivana’s team philosophy is “With eastern philosophy rooted in the core of Sivana, we aim to bring you comfort in your journey discovering the ancient practice of yoga and your movement towards sustainable living.”

Many of their clothing products are made with sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics.  They also carry a wide range of home and lifestyle products (ie mats, bags, props, malas, incense, jewelry, tapestries, statues) in their market place that focus on fair trade practices.

I look forward to using their men’s clothing line with my personal practice – my preference is to wear breathable, natural fabrics to maintain comfort and ease in the poses.

Check out Sivana and their collection.  You can also visit their Facebook page where you can receive 10% off your online order.


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