Product Review: Yoga Sudz for rejuvenation

A great way to complete your yoga practice is with a cleansing body scrub or a soak in bath salts.  I had the pleasure to try a new line of products from Yoga Sudz.  They have put together a special line of yoga mat washes, sea salt soaks, sea salt body scrubs, and bath tea bags.

Yoga Sudz works with raw ingredients that are either organic, wildcrafted, non-chemically grown, treated or processed and never tested on our animal friends.  I especially like that the majority of their packaging is eco-friendly as well (ie biodegradable or recyclable/reusable).

My first experience with Yoga Sudz was the Prana Sea Salt Soak. This soaking blend contains restive aromas of Maine balsam pine, eucalyptus and Roman chamomile to inspire calm thoughts.  The organic French sea salt’s naturally high mineral content support a healthy body – a definite treat following a vigorous yoga practice.

From a fresh, clean mat to revitalized skin to restored muscles and joints, check out Yoga Sudz and explore some blissful indulgence.


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