Camelina Oil: Super Nutrition by Three Farmers

Have you ever heard of camelina oil?  I didn’t until I learned of Three Farmers Oil while watching an episode of Dragon’s Den (Canada).  They presented a compelling pitch and were able to receive an engaging investment to move their company forward, of which, I am proud to see happening.

Camelina oil used to be a common cooking oil until the dawn of hydrogenated fats.  Camelina oil production disappeared off the North American markets since it was not favourable for the production of margarine and other hydrogenated products.  Thankfully, the team at Three Farmers have come together to bring this super nutritious and highly sustainable oil back to the public.  Watch the following video to learn about the great features of this oil and about Three Farmers.

Some key features about camelina oil:

*has an impressive omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid profile, thus providing significant health benefits

*has a high smoke point making it more ‘stable’ for cooking

*due to its vitamin-E content, camelina oil’s shelf life is significantly longer than other cold-pressed, high-omega-3 oils, easily lasting between 12 and 24 months

*has a earthy, nutty and natural flavour making it highly versatile for cooking

*doesn’t congeal in the fridge making it more functional with recipe and food preparation

Things I love about Three Farmers:

*they are a small company operating out of Saskatchewan, Canada making this product far more sustainable (unlike olive oil and coconut that is shipped half way across the globe)

*their products are cold-pressed, so minimal processing and no chemicals are involved during production

*the oil is produced from non-GMO seed and they follow eco-friendly standards throughout the camelina crop production

*you can trace your oil to the exact location of where the seed was grown

So far I have truly enjoyed their Camelina Oil Original and their Roasted Onion and Basil Infused Camelina Oil.  They have been fantastic both raw (used them with balsamic vinegar for bread dips) and for cooking (just made a rice and quinoa casserole with the Roasted Onion and Basil Oil).  I am looking forward to exploring more recipes and simply drizzling the oil on soups and dishes to boost the flavour and nutritional quality.

Please visit Three Farmers Oil to learn more.


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