Rise Kombucha: New Flavours Launch

Kombucha has become all the rage with the yoga community becoming the side-kick to the yogi’s mat – and for good reason.  I was invited to a new flavours launch party by Rise Kombucha (based out of Montreal).  They hosted a great event celebrating 2 new flavours, Mint Chlorophyll and Rose Schizandra.


Kombucha is a microbial culture of various bacteria and yeast species. Fermentation of the culture in sweetened tea produces numerous organic acids (e.g. ascetic acid, gluconic acid, malic acid), enzymes, amino acids and polyphenols (e.g. catechins) that improve overall health. Discovered over 2,000 years ago, Kombucha has been traditionally used for its cleansing and balancing qualities. Its first recorded uses in Asia were by rulers and warriors in preparation for battle. Current research on the biochemical composition of Kombucha demonstrates many health benefits:

  • Acts as an antioxidant
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Balances intestinal flora
  • Combats stress
  • Increases energy
  • Stimulates digestion

RISE Kombucha is a unique, raw, health beverage whose taste is reminiscent of a light cider. It is made with the highest quality organic ingredients, and has a dense spectrum of bioavailable nutrients and medicinal benefits.  At RISE, they strive for high rates of productivity without compromising human, social and environmental values by selecting only ecologically responsible practices.  They care deeply about our planet and take great pride in choosing ingredients that are organic and fair trade when it is available from local friends and farmers.

Rise KombuchaTheir new refreshening flavours:

Mint Chlorophyll – The greatest digestive tonic (peppermint) and the greatest natural detoxifier (chlorophyll) are combined for your sheer pleasure in this refreshing, detoxifying and revitalizing elixir!

INGREDIENTS: Filtered water, kombucha culture, fair trade cane sugar, fair trade green tea, peppermint, chlorophyll.

Rose Schizandra – This blend provides a perfect balance of flavours and therapeutic effects. Rose petals calm your digestive system while the purifying and antioxidant schizandra berry stimulates your senses and reinforces your nervous system.

INGREDIENTS: Filtered water, kombucha culture, fair trade cane sugar, fair trade green tea, rose petals, schizandra berry, wood betony.

Not only is Rise Kombucha a healthy, locally-made product, they are genuinely a great group of people inspired to support their community through an integrity-driven company.  Look for their sparkling, living tea products in your local health stores or use their online locator.


4 Replies to “Rise Kombucha: New Flavours Launch”

  1. I like the taste of kombucha and a friend of mine brews her own. However, the scoby freaks me out a little bit. Maybe I’ll do better with the bottled kind.

  2. HI Kreg: I think this company should be very clear on the number of grams of sugar contained in their product. I was dismayed to see how their web site that as it is a considered a health product it does not need to post it on their product. I searched very briefly and found a reference to 6 grams of sugar. Regards

    1. Irene, this has changed. The new labels out now on the product have reverted to have nutritional information on the label, clearly indicating the sugar content.

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