New Thrive Forward Kitchen Edition: Inspiring Plant-Based Nutrition

I call myself an ‘intentional vegan’.  Overall, I aim to consume a balanced plant-based diet on a daily basis allowing for minor ‘exceptions’ when required.  Through thoughtful planning, I find this nutritional lifestyle easy to follow and highly rewarding.  Some of the rewards come from learning new foods and techniques that can readily replace conventional omnivore diets.  One new tool that I am excited to share is the new Thrive Kitchen Edition part of the Thrive Forward program.

Thrive Kitchen is a comprehensive, free online program that helps people explore the world of plant-based nutrition.  They emphasize gradual substitutions that, over time, can accumulate to make significant improvements in health and wellness.  Brendan Brazier (vegan triathlete and formulator of Vega), Peggy Kotsopoulos (holistic nutritionist extraordinaire and TV host) and other expert guests present educational and inspirational tips on making this transition smooth and enjoyable.

Thrive KitchenThe Thrive Kitchen program is delivered in multiple components allowing you to explore and learn at your own pace.  Their techniques and recommendations for making food substitutions are so easy and highly accessible.  Along with educational videos breaking down the concepts and reasoning for plant-based nutrition, Thrive Kitchen is also packed with incredible recipes.  Some of the recipe programs offer fantastic substitution lists helping you turn some of your favorite foods into nutrition-boosted meals and snacks.

Thrive Forward Kitchen

So why do I pursue a plant-based lifestyle?  Apart from following the yogic principle of ahimsa (non-violence), I strongly believe that plant-based nutrition supports my personal wellness goals.  Balanced plant-based nutrition is generally more alkaline-forming for the body helping reduce inflammation, boost energy, support immune function, and reduce the onset of chronic illness.  From an environmental perspective, following a plant-based diet (especially one that is organic and embraces home/locally grown products) can be one of the greatest ways of reducing consumption impact.

Check out the new, free Thrive Kitchen Edition as well as the many other Thrive Forward programs.  Whether you are a novice at plant-based nutrition or have been enjoying this lifestyle for a long period of time, everyone will greatly benefit from all the tips and guidance offered.


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