Hatha Yoga Retreat with Kreg

I am interested in putting together a rejuvenating Hatha Yoga getaway in 2015 and would love your feedback on where and when would be your ideal retreat.  I am aiming to conduct a retreat offering:

*daily morning, energizing mixed-level Hatha Yoga and pranayam practices followed by grounding meditation sessions

*daily afternoon gentle Hatha Yoga sessions

*evening cooling pranayam and meditation sessions

*organic, vegan menus in a nature setting

*venue providing access to local activities

If you would be interested in this style of retreat, kindly please fill out the following polls.

Warm Thanks for sharing your feedback.


6 thoughts on “Hatha Yoga Retreat with Kreg

  1. Kreg, that looks fantastic! I would love to participate in a retreat like that, but my children are too young for me to do something like that right now. I didn’t participate in the poll since I wouldn’t be able to go, but I think it’s a great idea. Good luck with it!

  2. Dear Kreg, Would beg you to consider us on this side of the world who would so love to be able to attend a teaching with you. Thailand and Hawaii are only 10 ish hours away instead of much more to Europe or US. Just saying!!!

    Kindest regards,
    Brisbane, Australia

    • Thanks Sue … interesting you should say this as I am planning a trip to Australia in the first part of 2015 … maybe a retreat or event in Australia could be mustered together? 🙂

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