Charity Yoga Workshop at Element Yoga

_mg_0431Join us for this exploratory charity yoga workshop at Element Yoga. We will examine and play with the concept of ‘line of gravity’ in relation to standing yoga poses. By mindfully connecting to our inherent flow of gravity, we can more readily align with fluidity and integrity throughout the biomechanics of our musculoskeletal systems. A major focus of this playful workshop will be on the ankle, knee and hip interactions and on how these concepts can be woven throughout our practice as well as into our other daily physical activities.

We will engage questions like:

•Where should our knees flow in relation to our feet when we squat?

•How can changing our application of pada bandha (foot lock) reduce negative stresses in the knee?

•What are some common limitations to accessing range of motion in the lower body?

•Why we should not expect everyone to be similarly aligned in standing postures?

logo_CF_tag_colorProceeds from this workshop will go to Paper Kite Children’s Foundation (supporting orphanages in Bihar, India). This workshop will be presented in english and will be suitable for teachers and students.

WHEN: July 25, 2015  2-4pm

WHERE: Element Yoga, 2325 Rue Centre #301, Montréal, QC




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