Free Yoga Anatomy Webinars

I am excited to announce that I will be offering online webinars in the coming months exploring various topics on functional yoga anatomy. These free webinars are open to everyone: yoga teachers, wellness practitioners, and students. Enhance your personal yoga practice and strengthen your teaching skills with these enjoyable presentations that will be made readily accessible regardless of experience.

Our first 2 webinars will be:

*October 28, 2017  2pm EST

Yoga Anatomy of the Hands: Engaging Our Postures Mindfully and Effectively – exploring various functional anatomical features and yoga applications of the wrist and hands that will empower your practice as well as reduce the onset of negative stress in the joints.

*November 11, 2017  2pm EST

*Yoga Anatomy of the Shoulder: Bringing Intelligence to Upper Body Movements – exploring how we can be more effective in moving (and loading) through our shoulders along with expanding our awareness of key stabilization structures.

For more details on these webinars or to register, CLICK HERE.

Hypothenar Thenar Wrist anatomy


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