Upcoming Free Yoga Webinars

Advancing our practice is not solely about gaining depth in yoga poses. Advancing and progressing is more about refinement, connection, and awareness. Discovering more and more how to work with (not against) lines of resistance along with engaging the physical layers with mindful, positive stress. As our awareness awakens, a key element to progression is igniting stabilization, so that the positive stresses are received in a nurturing manner.

We will explore how to move more mindfully into our shoulders and become more in tune with stabilization across the shoulder joint and girdle in my next live yoga anatomy webinar on November 11, 2017 (2 pm EST): 

Yoga Anatomy of the Shoulder – Bringing Intelligence to Upper Body Movements


CLICK HERE to register your space to watch live or to receive notice when you can watch a replay of the workshop.

Also in November, we will be exploring the structure of our hip joints.  Following an overview of foundational anatomy, we will examine how our hips can vastly differ in structure, biomechanics and overall ranges of motion, thus requiring us to establish an authentic approach in our individual yoga practices. We will collectively examine how we need to shift away from traditional yoga aesthetics and discover alignment and posture variations that resonate with our unique design.

Yoga Anatomy of the Hips: Part 1 & 2 – Discover How Structure Determines Movement

Inhale Yoga teacher training

CHECK OUT this two part yoga anatomy event and reserve your spots.


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