Open to Life’s Up Draughts


This last week, I was inspired by the idea of thermal columns and up draughts and how there is a wonderful analogy at play with yoga and life.  Thermal columns are upward flows of gases that have been warmed near the ground’s surface.  These up draughts carry powerful energy that some species of birds readily take advantage of.  By flying into these thermal columns and opening their wing span with ease, these birds get carried into the atmosphere to staggering heights.  This passage of elevation mimics so much of how we can experience life.

During last weekend’s savasana, I asked the students open their arms naturally and feel an expansiveness like opening wings.  While I had their bodies go seemingly heavy, I invited the visual of up draughts and being caught effortlessly in the elevating energy – just letting go completely of the unnecessary bracing of past and future.  Life is full of thermal columns, moments that are filled with warmth ready to carry us away.  Opening the wings of our heart allows the AIR element to be more expressive creating a greater sense of liberation.

We often choose to close our wings and allow those bountiful, uplifting moments to pass. Life becomes stagnant, weighted and uninspiring.  Our yoga practice is one of those glorious opportunities to reach those wings to their fullest expanse – not pushing or forcing to elevate the soul – just simply receiving energy and shifting to a higher vibration.  For some of us, being suddenly taken to these new heights of elevation can be unsettling given that we need to let go and even be somewhat vulnerable.  This is where trust comes in.  Trust in yourself, trust those wings, trust the process of life’s up draughts.

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