Fundamentals of Yoga Back Bends

Yoga back bends bring an awakening to the front lines of the body. As we bring opening and radiance to these front lines, it is essential to recognize the inherent restrictions that exist across the kinetic chain of joints and to move into those restrictions with mindfulness and respect.

Join me on Saturday, January 13 at 2pm EST, for a FREE yoga anatomy webinar exploring the Fundamentals of Back Bending: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Major topics that will be covered:

*general anatomy and mechanics of the spine

*key structural features (bone, muscle, and other connective tissue) that can generate limitations in range of motion

*exploration of possible variations in structure that can predispose our inherent movement capacity

*recommendations on how to move more mindfully and intelligently into back bends with an emphasis on understanding sensations versus striving for depth (that is often driven by aesthetics)

Graphics and visuals will be presented during the webinar.

These free webinars are open to everyone: yoga teachers, wellness practitioners, and students. Enhance your personal yoga practice and strengthen your teaching skills with these enjoyable presentations that will be made readily accessible regardless of experience.

Register to reserve your space or to receive notice of when this webinar will be available for replay (including summary notes of the presentation).


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