Free Webinar: Yoga Anatomy of Twists

Date: Saturday, February 17, 2018   2:00 to 3:00 pm EST

CLICK HERE to reserve your space.

Join Kreg Weiss for this exploratory yoga workshop that will examine twisting yoga postures.  By understanding the functional design of the spine, we can more intuitively and mindfully invite space and movement into the core of the body.   Topics that will be covered:

*general anatomy of the spine

*functional design of the vertebra within the different curves of the spine that determines where we inherently have more or less twisting capacity

*overall body design and proportions that require us to return to the intention of ‘quality over quantity’

*considerations and techniques in supporting the SI joint in twists

*discussion on some of the ‘myths’ of twisting including the ideas of ‘mobilizing’ and ‘detoxing’

Graphics and visuals will be presented during the webinar.

These free webinars are open to everyone: yoga teachers, wellness practitioners, and students. Enhance your personal yoga practice and strengthen your teaching skills with these enjoyable presentations that will be made readily accessible regardless of experience.

Register to reserve your space or to receive notice of when this webinar will be available for replay (including summary notes of the presentation).


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