About Kreg Weiss

Hi, I am a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher and international presenter.  All of my classes integrate an exploratory approach to bringing strength, space, and stability to the body and mind.  I aim to offer practices that are purposeful and functional to every day living while also having a meditative quality to allow for an experience of connection and reflection.

I acquired my Yoga certification in 2002 following several successful years of venturing in the wellness industry as a personal trainer, group fitness trainer, and national competitive athlete. I have been able to complement my teaching practice with additional studies in Kinesiology and Health Sciences at the University of British Columbia.

Striving to share my passion for Yoga, I was inspired in 2004 to co-create MyYogaOnline.com. My Yoga Online grew to become the leading global resource for online yoga videos and is now part of the Gaia program.  My complete list of yoga and meditation videos can be enjoyed on the Gaia platform.

Contact:  kregweissyoga(at)gmail(dot)com


2 thoughts on “About Kreg Weiss

  1. Namaste
    I was wondering if Kreg has a list of teacher trainings he might be conducting. I love his practice on GAIA. Thank you

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