Burlington Yoga Conference 2015

Burlington Yoga Conference 2015

I am excited to announce that I will be returning as a presenter at the Burlington Yoga Conference.  This wonderful event, held in Burlington, Vermont, will be from March 7 to 8, 2015.  I will be there on Sunday, March 8 sharing two yoga sessions:

Back to Basics: Dissecting Downward Facing Dog

Enjoy an in-depth exploration of the foundations and anatomical elements of Downward Facing Dog including structural variabilities that may require us to modify our approach this classic yoga posture. This workshop is suitable for students and teachers of all levels.

Harmonizing Our Center Line of Gravity

Join us as we explore the key alignment principles of our centre line of gravity and apply this throughout classic yoga postures and transitions. A large portion of this session will be placed on how utilizing this central line can shift stress forces out of the knees in many standing postures and teach us to engage our practices more mechanically sound. Includes 10-15min discussion followed by a Hatha-fusion flow with applications.

For more info on these sessions and registration, click here.




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