70 Hour Integrative Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Montreal

International Yoga presenter and exercise science specialist, Kreg Weiss (co-creator and co-founder of My Yoga Online), will lead you through this uplifting 70 hour program teaching you the fundamentals of how to confidently create a Classical Hatha Yoga practice that weaves in the intelligence and integrity of western science with the harmonious elements of this traditional Hatha Yoga. This training will begin with an expansive exploration of functional anatomy, then, journey through in-depth applications of yoga postures, and conclude with multiple days of designing of yoga classes for a variety of clientele and demographics.

Studio Blue Workshop in Toronto

Yoga Anatomy for Enhancing Knee Alignment and Integrity Description:  Join us for this engaging workshop that will examine yoga anatomy concepts that promote better alignment for stronger knee placement and reduced forces in standing yoga postures.  We will discuss multiple topics on bringing functionality and harmony to the knees including: *the importance of knee position in …