Wellness On The Go Vega Giveaway

Win a box of the new Vega One Nutrition Bars, a Vega T-shirt, and Tote Bag. The team at Vega has done it again! They have created a new, incredible nutrition product to fuel your whole wellness. Just launched, the Vega One Nutrition Bar takes the super goodness of the Vega One Shake into a chocolate covered portable snack.

Rise Kombucha: New Flavours Launch

Kombucha has become all the rage with the yoga community becoming the side-kick to the yogi's mat - and for good reason. I was invited to a new flavours launch party by Rise Kombucha (based out of Montreal). They hosted a great event celebrating 2 new flavours, Mint Chlorophyll and Rose Schizandra. WHAT IS KOMBUCHA?

Vega Thrive Forward Giveaway

I have a great number of people asking me how to enhance their yoga and wellness practices with nutrition, and often, with inquiries about vegetarian/vegan diet plans. I frequently receive questions about how to get adequate protein, having variety in foods, how to cook, and simply just how to get started. I am excited to see the new Thrive Forward program to which I now refer everyone who is looking for guidance, tips, and inspiration in developing a plant-based diet and enhancing their whole wellness. I am also excited to be able to give away two Thrive Forward Starter Kits containing Vega products.

Camelina Oil: Super Nutrition by Three Farmers

Camelina oil used to be a common cooking oil until the dawn of hydrogenated fats. Camelina oil production disappeared off the North American markets since it was not favourable for the production of margarine and other hydrogenated products. Thankfully, the team at Three Farmers have come together to bring this super nutritious and highly sustainable oil back to the public.