Yoga Lab: Anatomy of Triangle and Complementary Poses

November 25, 2017   4-6pm

Naada Yoga, Montreal QC

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Triangle pose, without doubt, is a wondrous opening of the back of the thighs while igniting the core. Join Kreg Weiss for this exploratory charity workshop where we will delve into this delightfully complex posture that settles differently into each person’s body. We will dissect the mechanics of this posture including key structural variabilities that may limit or increase our natural range of motion and body positioning. We will also explore related hamstring opening postures like Pyramid Pose and Revolved Triangle with an emphasis on acquiring their inherent benefits versus mere performance and aesthetic depth.

This workshop is open to all levels – for students wishing to expand their knowledge and enhance their personal practice as well as for teachers looking to strengthen their anatomy and instructing skills.

Cost: Community workshop by donation. Suggested donation of 20$ *all donations will go to Paper Kite Children’s Foundation (supporting orphanage programs in Bihar, India).