New events coming in 2019 …

Kreg Weiss-

I am excited to be presenting at Expo Yoga in Montreal (February 2019).  Come enjoy a weekend of 80 workshops, conferences and master classes, 7 Discovery Zones and nearly 200 exhibitors.  I will be sharing a yoga anatomy workshop with the Expo Yoga community:

Exploring Your Authentic Hip Design

Saturday, Feb 9th,  Time: 11:30 – 13:00

Join us for this engaging yoga anatomy workshop where we will explore how our hips can highly vary in structure and range of motion. This structural variability can greatly determine how yoga poses functionally settle in our bodies and therefore, requires us to practice based on sensation and not on standardized aesthetics.

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Awaken Your Upper Body Intelligence  – Sat Feb 23rd 12:30 to 3:30pm

Our shoulders are the most mobile joints in the body and greatly benefit from enhanced stabilization and a sense of precise engagement in our practices.  Join Kreg Weiss for a functional, accessible yoga anatomy workshop that will explore how we can be more effective in moving (and loading) through our shoulders!

We will explore:

*overview of shoulder/shoulder girdle anatomy and mindful movement mechanics

*aspects of shoulder impingement and methods to reduce the onset of impingement conditions

*exploration of shoulder blade (scapula) and collar bone (clavicle) stabilization in various yoga postures and the effects of destabilization

*variations in bone structure that require us to consider (and honour) potential limitations in range of movement and empower us to find the authentic inherent shape and positioning in our postures

*understanding the important kinetic chain that flows into our hands/wrists from our shoulders and the applications of ‘spirals’

This will be a highly active workshop with ample time to apply and play with applications and techniques in a wide range of postures.  Visual material will be presented during the workshop and will be made available after upon request.  This event is accessible to everyone: yoga teachers, wellness practitioners, and students. Enhance your personal yoga practice and strengthen your teaching skills!

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Downward Dog and Beyond: Elevate your Forward BendsSun Feb 24rd 12:30 to 3:30pm

Join Kreg Weiss for this exploratory yoga anatomy ‘dissection’ workshop as we break down the classic Downward Facing Dog pose.  We will examine the biomechanics and functionality of this pose as well as discuss variations in body design that may require us to take on modifications in shape and alignment.  We will play with a wide range of modified versions and assess how these changes alter or enhance the biomechanics.

From the foundation of Downward Facing Dog, we will see how these applications translate into other classic forwarding bending postures.

This workshop is open to everyone who is interested in expanding purposefulness in their personal practice as well as for yoga teachers aiming to broaden their teaching skills with functional anatomy.  Visual material will be presented during the workshop and will be made available after upon request.

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Toronto Yoga Conference and Show

Join Kreg Weiss for this exploratory yoga workshop at Naada Yoga that will examine twisting yoga postures. By understanding the functional design of the spine, we can more intuitively and mindfully invite space and movement into the midline of the body.
Topics that will be covered:
  • General anatomy of the spine.
  • Functional design of the vertebra within the different curves of the spine that determines where we inherently have more or less twisting capacity.
  • Overall body design and proportions that require us to return to the intention of ‘quality over quantity’.
  • Considerations and techniques in supporting the SI joint in twists.
  • Discussion on some of the ‘myths’ of twisting.

This workshop is open to everyone: yoga teachers, wellness practitioners, and students. Enhance your personal yoga practice and strengthen your teaching skills with this workshop that will be made readily accessible regardless of experience.

WHEN: March 16th, 3-5:30pm

WHERE: Naada Yoga, 5540 Casgrain Avenue, Montreal

COST: $35

*20% off for Naada members, students, dancers and seniors.

*This workshop is offered in English

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