Yoga Workshop at Inhale Yoga Studio

Engage Your Postural Health: Practicing with Function and Purpose

Warrior 3 balanceOur health is greatly determined by how we settle into our daily postural habits. This yoga anatomy workshop will look at common posture related issues including Upper/Lower Cross Syndrome, Forward Head Syndrome, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, kinetic chain effects of poor posture and other similar conditions effecting postural health.

We will explore how to address postural imbalances from a restoration perspective and the necessary modifications in our practice to enhance recovery and re-balancing of our musculoskeletal and energetic systems. We will also discuss how traditional yoga practices may not be suitable and possibly even exacerbate imbalances and posture conditions. Suitable for students and teachers.

WHEN: March 13, 2015  6-9pmInhale Yoga Studio

WHERE: 63 South Court Street, 2nd Floor, Athens OH

CLICK HERE to register.


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