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Join Kreg Weiss for online Hatha yoga practices and webinars exploring various topics on functional yoga anatomy. These webcasts are open to everyone: yoga teachers, wellness practitioners, and students. Enhance your personal yoga practice and strengthen your teaching skills with these enjoyable presentations that will be made readily accessible regardless of experience.

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Upcoming Online Practice

Rewire Your Patterns

Sunday, December 15 @ 10 am EST / 7 am PST

Join Kreg Weiss for a 75 min slow, yet super-charged yoga practice that will explore what physical (and other mental/energetic) patterns are residing in our tissues.  We are physically, mentally, and spiritually designed to be creatures of “habit”.  Our consistent patterns of movement and thought get easily engrained as a means of function and survival.  This is the concept of “habitual adaptation” and in yoga, these patterns become our samskaras which have a key influence on our overall well-being.  We will be working with traditional postures along with functional movement techniques to give the body a holistic jolt and awakening.  We will embrace the patterns that are serving us and aim to mindfully dissipate those patterns that are acting as barriers.

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Latest Webcast

Yoga Practice: Pulse with Positivity

serenity and yoga practicing at sunset, meditation

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Join us for this engaging 80 minute Hatha flow that will mindfully take you through waves of positive “stress” – a vital component for health and well-being.  The body and mind thrive on being conditioned with sparks of holistic tension and compression.  Our main areas of focus will be core and pelvic stabilization.  As we play with active mobilization, functional movement, and traditional asanas, we also thread in the simple, yet powerful intention of “gratitude” – the foundation of spiritual wellness and metta (loving-kindness).

This will be a moderate, all-levels practice.  Please consult a health care professional prior to this practice if you have any health conditions, injuries, or other conditions that may be of concern.

20% of proceeds will be donated to One Tree Planted (supporting global reforestation) and Kiva (micro-loans for individuals and small groups in developing nations).