Naada Yoga Teacher Training

538097_10151448074759182_1857480916_nI am excited to be part of Naada Yoga’s 300 and 500 Hour YTT program presenting the 4 day Sequencing module in March 2020.

SEQUENCING MODULE DESCRIPTION: This course assumes a good understanding of yoga asana and/or completion of NYTT’s Accessible and Progressive Asana modules. It is intended to take individuals deeper into an exploration of the inner and outer form of the poses. How to instruct clearly, including a knowledge of variations and adjustments in poses, will also be covered more in-depth. We will begin exploring the principles of sequencing poses, as well as how to move through a vinyasa-type practice in a safe manner.  Click here for more information on the Sequencing Module.



Naada Yoga Teacher Training unites an internationally recognized faculty in a unique concept of open learning and education. NYTT teachers have worked closely together to develop programs that will empower you to see yoga as a living and evolving practice so that all of yoga’s multifaceted aspects – can better serve you, your students, and your community.


Naada Yoga’s educational community includes inspired and avidly curious practitioners of yoga who wish to cultivate the skills to transmit this living experience on to others. Whether you plan to teach yoga or want to develop your own personal practice, NYTT programs are perfect for you. We welcome anyone with a passion for yoga to study and learn with us.


NYTT programs enable you to dive deeply into the study and practice of yoga, while still being able to maintain your commitments to your work, family, schooling and other activities. All teacher training courses are offered on a part-time and weekend basis. Programs are modular and you are free to complete your chosen program at your own pace. The entire NYTT 500 HR certification can be completed over a period of two to three years maximum.

Learn more about Naada Yoga’s various YTT programs.