Vega One Change Giveaway

For many people, the New Year is about setting healthy intentions including improved nutrition habits. I have been a vegetarian for over a decade and an intentional vegan for about half of that time. Despite enjoying a plant-based diet, I have found that not all of my vegan food choices have been truly healthy (especially snacks). As part of Vega's #OneChange challenge, check out how I am focusing on tidying up my habit of being an unmindful "Serial Snacker". As well, I am sharing an exciting new Vega One giveaway.

Raw Kale Slaw Recipe

I love kale for all of its’ bountiful, anti-inflammatory benefits and that it is so easy to grow. Kale has more nutritional value for fewer calories than almost any other food around making it nutrition-dense powerhouse.

Chocolate Date Balls: Enjoy a Treat While Keeping Up Your Health

Just finished a batch of Chocolate Date Balls.  Super easy to make, these treats are packed full of clean nutrition and micronutrients. Dates are high glycemic, so to lower the potential insulin spike, I added walnuts, flax seed, and Vega Whole Health Food Optimizer. These raw date balls are a great pre- or post- workout …