New Thrive Forward Kitchen Edition: Inspiring Plant-Based Nutrition

I call myself an 'intentional vegan'. Overall, I aim to consume a balanced plant-based diet on a daily basis allowing for minor 'exceptions' when required. Through thoughtful planning, I find this nutritional lifestyle easy to follow and highly rewarding. Some of the rewards come from learning new foods and techniques that can readily replace conventional omnivore diets. One new tool that I am excited to share is the new Thrive Kitchen Edition part of the Thrive Forward program.

Vega Thrive Forward Giveaway

I have a great number of people asking me how to enhance their yoga and wellness practices with nutrition, and often, with inquiries about vegetarian/vegan diet plans. I frequently receive questions about how to get adequate protein, having variety in foods, how to cook, and simply just how to get started. I am excited to see the new Thrive Forward program to which I now refer everyone who is looking for guidance, tips, and inspiration in developing a plant-based diet and enhancing their whole wellness. I am also excited to be able to give away two Thrive Forward Starter Kits containing Vega products.

Vega has changed: for the better

Vega’s Whole Health Food Optimizer has changed! It is now Vega One (all-in-one nutritional shake). I had the opportunity to try out the updated formula and I am happy to see that their vegan goodness continues. I am a huge fan of the Vega products and in particular, the Vega One product. I am a food label junkie and I avoid anything and everything that looks like junk for the body. With Vega One, there are no preservatives, no added sugar, no artificial flavours, no soy, no dairy – just great tasting alkaline-forming, whole foods to boost one’s daily nutrition plan.

Chocolate Date Balls: Enjoy a Treat While Keeping Up Your Health

Just finished a batch of Chocolate Date Balls.  Super easy to make, these treats are packed full of clean nutrition and micronutrients. Dates are high glycemic, so to lower the potential insulin spike, I added walnuts, flax seed, and Vega Whole Health Food Optimizer. These raw date balls are a great pre- or post- workout …