PranaVayu Yoga Teacher Training in Massachusetts

PranaVayu Yoga Teacher TrainingI am excited to be part of the PranaVayu Yoga 200 Teacher Training program, presenting a full weekend of yoga anatomy, starting October 2014 in the Boston, MA area.

The PranaVayu Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training program is designed help you to acquire the confidence, skills and expertise necessary to become a Registered Yoga Teacher. Our interactive and experiential curriculum will enable you to explore deeper levels of your potential while developing the necessary tools to guide yourself and others toward a happier, healthier and more fulfilling practice, both on and off the mat.

This foundational training will give you all the tools necessary to transform in ways that you might never have thought possible. Through dedicated hard work, practice, and study, you will experience the ways in which our innovative training system can help you rapidly cultivate a strong and flexible body, a positive and courageous mental outlook, and the strength of heart required to lead others on their path to awakening and peace. With it’s emphasis on small group exercises, information creation practices, and experiential learning, this intensive training is unlike any yoga teacher training offered today.

David Magone PranaVayu Yoga Teacher TrainingDuring this intensive yoga teacher training program, you will learn:

  • Specialized training methods that can help you radically improve strength and flexibility in as little as one single practice.
  • An empowering life philosophy that can be used to transform both positive and negative experiences into tools for deeper insight and awakening
  • A series of millenia-old meditations that will show you how to consciously cultivate an open heart and a peaceful mind
  • Yoga sequencing technologies that can be used to construct thousands of unique and highly efficient yoga classes for beginning and intermediate students
  • The basics of Periodization – A favorite technique of Olympic Gold Medalists that will help you realize your peak potential by learning to work smarter rather than harder
  • A proprietary alignment system that can be used to safely position any posture that you will ever encounter in a yoga class
  • The basics of human anatomy and physiology

Click for more information about the PranaVayu Yoga Teacher Training program.

PranaVayu Yoga Teacher Training Boston


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