Kreg Weiss YogaLooking to add inspirational and engaging yoga anatomy workshops to your program and/or need assistance with your yoga anatomy teacher training?  I am happy to offer a variety of workshops and trainings designed to meet your program needs.

Please email me to discuss creating a customized presentation for your studio event: kregweissyoga(at)gmail(dot)com

Naada Yoga Charity Workshop (May 2017 – Montreal, QC)

“Thank you so much for you workshop of last Saturday. It was clear, funny and incredibly interesting. Nowadays is so common listen that any body is different and we should accept and respect those limits. You went far beyond of that generic speech, I’m grateful for that.” – José

“I attended your workshop on the hips at Naada today. It was divine. I habitually hate anatomy and biomechanics but you brought it in such an easy, understanding, applied way that i actually loved it and was eager to learn more. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable knowledge.” – Audrey

100 Hour Integrative Hatha Yoga Training (Feb/Mar 2017-Dubai, UAE)

“Kreg proved to be a master when it comes to Hatha yoga, and explaining anatomy applied to yoga. I loved the way he explained sequencing and adjustments and how he was all the time bringing subjects from our previous classes to the present class, making us build knowledge associating all the concepts in a daily day basis.  He easily interacts with the students and doesn’t mind to explain several times the same thing until we deeply understand. His passion in teaching and sharing knowledge was evident and this, in my opinion helps the students to stay focused and eager to learn more. It was an amazing experience.  After this course I had the feeling of happiness and achievement as the course went beyond my expectations.” – Ana Rita Almeida

100 Hour Integrative Hatha Yoga Training (Feb/Mar 2015-Dubai, UAE)

“Hosting Kreg Weiss in Dubai for the third time has exceeded my standards yet once again. From our initial smooth-as-always contact via email in proposing the idea of crafting a 100hr Hatha Yoga Training program for our UAE clients to constantly updating me with the construction of his manual and tailoring the program to meticulously meet our trainees level yet challenge them further in rich anatomy, Hatha Yoga sequencing, safety in adjustment, how to smartly use props for support and further, Kreg has taken in feedback and applied it to deliver a stellar training.

Throughout the 100hrs program, he’s sectioned each day to a wide scope of audience from corporates, athletes, injured clients to those craving an invigorating practice but away from the “vinyasa box”. He’s converted several Bikram / Vinyasa / Ashtanga / Hot Yoga devotees at this training to the world of Hatha Yoga – slower paced yet invigorating and delivering the true essence of what Yoga is and should be about. Less stress on the joints, body and mind and more on the powerful healing and slower pace while including excellent breathwork and meditation practices. Kreg’s generosity by offering a 1 year mentorship program for our students has encouraged students to chat with him and even launch their own business with his support and encouragement. As a facilitator running my business for over 5 years now, I always look forward to working with Kreg knowing he would deliver an exceptional program.” – Noura El-Imam, founder of Yogalates Bliss in Dubai www.yogalatesblissindubai.com

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge, for being so inspiring and graceful. I have noticed what an impact your teaching already had on me after I gave a class this evening. One of my students from India came up to me and just patted my shoulders after the class. He said well done and walked away with a big smile. My style has been transformed, that much is sure.” – Mia Mutic

“I would like to express my appreciation. I really, really enjoy your course! It’s a great opportunity to receive knowledge from you as a teacher.  Your classes are extremely informative and educative! I would definitely attend your classes very often if you would live in Dubai! Thank you so much for finding the time and visit Dubai! I hope we will be seeing you more often here!” – Elena Shpaltakova

“Thanks so much for today and all the previous days. It really has been extremely enlightening! You are in a class of your own…AWESOMENESS! 🙂 You are truly a Yogi and iving example of your teachings. Very rare!” – Katrina Valente

“First of all I would like to thank you for these amazing breathtaking wow-days and all the knowledge you gave us. I found out about my body anatomy, how the bones, muscles and joints move under my skin and how they influence one another. Now I know how to bend forward safely for my spine and being “Bendy Wendy” is not always good. And not everyone can be as flexible as another. If one side of my body can do more than the other I should stop where the other side stops, without pushing my body. I can now explain how to safely move into Downward Dog, plank, dancing cat and how to specific muscles in these poses. I now know so much more! I love the mudras and pranayama and will integrate them in my daily practice.  Your approach to teaching is so unique and beautiful!” – Daria

“I love anatomy and I think it’s fascinating to truly understand how our body works. One of the best things about developing and having a yoga practice is how it connects us with our physical body. I remember when I started practicing yoga, even though I had been active my whole life, I start to discover my body in a whole new way. My muscles were opening up and it was a sort of re-discovering of each muscle, how they supported each other, which ones were working in each pose, etc. I simply loved the way Kreg made all the poses look so simple…thank you from the bottom of my heart” – Nina Dubash

“Thank you again for such a fantastic course. You are a wonderful teacher and your knowledge and passion for your subject truly inspirational. In my next life, should I have one, I will be a yogi-physiotherapist and the anatomy-yoga encyclopedia that you are going to write will be my bible! If only I’d known 35 years ago that this is what I should have done…” – Anne van der Velden

“This was an unforgettable and new experience I have obtained from your training. From my perspective as a beginner, it was absolutely profound and very knowledgeable. You have a talent of teaching and delivering the information in a very comprehensive way that everyone would absorb and definitely apply in their practice.” – Julia

Yoga Festival Montreal Workshop (June 2014 – Montreal QC)

“My name is Kelly and I took your workshop this past weekend on hip flexors and psoas. Thank you so much, I learned a lot in such a short class! It was great!” Kelly D.

“I took your workshop on hip flexors during YOCOMO festival and would love to get the pdf document you shared with us. Thank you for having participated to the festival, your workshop was definitely one of the best. You’re a great speaker.” R.G.


Pranava Yoga Workshops (Feb 2014 – Colorado Springs CO)

“Thank you so much for providing your wisdom, knowledge, and unique, carefully thought out approach to asana that you have developed through your experiences. We all appreciated your presence and lessons.” J. F.

“Many thanks to you!! I learned so much from you this weekend. You have helped to open my eyes and see yoga from a new perspective.”  D. H.


Semperviva Yoga Teacher Training (Jan 2014 – Vancouver BC)

“Thank you for a truly wonderful workshop on anatomy this past weekend in Vancouver.  I was very appreciative of the engaging way you presented the information.” R. C.

“Your class was great and really made me consider how important it is to understand the body on a deeper level to avoid injury and maximize the yoga experience.” C. O.

“Thank you so much for your insightful workshop last weekend. It surely shifted my perspective on teaching yoga as well as practicing yoga. I am more than happy to incorporate many of your ideas into my practice.” S. T.

“Thank you again for the awesome, informative and witty anatomy classes. Great teacher…nice balance.”  O. M.

“Thank you so much for a fantastic workshop this weekend. Very informative and a blast!”  A. B.

“Thank you again for a wonderful workshop series. Your hands on teaching style made the material presented much more accessible.”  M. C.

“I had a great weekend learning about anatomy instructed by you. Thank you for making the class interesting and teaching us the most import topics of anatomy to begin our journey in the wonderful world of yoga. I was very nervous with the topic since I am not good in science, but the way you taught us made me want to learn more about anatomy.”  L. I.


Yogalates Bliss Integrative Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (May 2013 – Dubai UAE)

I’ve often been told that yoga is for everyone. As an aspiring teacher who’s beginning her own journey, I wondered about the accuracy of that statement, and the depth of knowledge necessary to assimilate students into a practice that was safe and right for each of them.

I found, and began following Kreg Weiss’ blog after I injured myself. I ached for practical advice about the biomechanics of my own body, relative to my yoga practice. I’d already heard wonderful things about Noura El-Imam, and signed up for the 2013 summer 200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training. Thanks to all of the positive buzz about workshops she’d facilitated here in Dubai, once Kreg’s 4 day intensive was announced, I knew I had to be there. He did not disappoint.

He teaches with the same passion and vigor that initially captivated me in his blog. The information at first glance appears dense and complex, but he breaks down all facets of his seminar with meticulously crafted presentations that are chocked full of well-labeled diagrams, and his own personal notes to guide you through each discussion. He injects humor and humility into every aspect of his training program. It is like having coffee with a friend; the crazy good kind of friend, that overflows with so much love for what they do, that their passion pours through them whenever they talk about it…you can’t help but to follow their lead. Kreg also made it a point to make himself available for discussions, individual guidance and post-seminar Q&A.

At some point in the training, we discussed meditation and finding that stillness in between everything that creates static in our lives. I find that idea applicable to what I’ve learned in his seminar. We covered many aspects ‘between’: the bones, spirituality and practicality, flows for mixed level abilities and posture levels conducive to different anatomical variations.

I believe this course could be beneficial for all yoga teachers. We preach within our community that yoga is in fact for everyone. In modern society, most have been conditioned differently-anatomically, by our ever-evolving social behavior, than those who initially practiced the ancient art. Being adaptive makes our guidance safer and more inclusive; the true meaning of Namaste- a welcome greeting for all.

Kreg, taught me how I can better speak yoga to everyone, and for that I am thankful; my foundation in teaching feels solid and grounded. – Brittany


Burlington Yoga Conference: Creating Postural Awareness (May 4, 2013)

You are the reason why I went to BYC and I thank you for your workshops. I have been teaching yoga for years and a follower of Postural Restoration.  I too have been trying to add those elements into my yoga and you just took me light-years forward.  Thank you!  Best to you and keep spreading your message. – Diane


Nirvana Yoga Workshop: Enhancing Knee Integrity and Steadiness (Feb 23, 2013 – Cleveland OH)

This weekend was great! I learned sooo much and the best part is that all of this new knowledge brings me closer to knowing my own body and gives me the ability to nurture it correctly! Kreg is an amazing instructor! Knowledgable, articulate both in speech and movement as well as witty and humorous! So glad that I had the opportunity to participate. – Mary


PranaVayu Yoga Therapeutics Weekend Intensive (Feb 9/10, 2013 – Boston MA)

Thank you thank you thank you for an amazing day last Sunday. I look forward to attending another training with you in the future! The PranaVayu community is so blessed to know you! Kind regards, Sarah  Wish you were closer so I could take your class!


Semperviva Postural Awareness and Restoration Workshop (Jan 13, 2013 – Vancouver BC)

Yin will never be the same. 4 Yin classes this week. I taught all determined to use the ideas from this weekend. Searching for new ways to present all the poses possible because it is blissing everyone out. You just might be on to something. – Beverly


Yogalates Bliss Yoga Teacher Development Workshop (April 2012 – Dubai UAE)

“The Yogalates Bliss yoga teacher development workshop with Kreg Weiss was a fantastically informative and rewarding experience… Kreg Weiss is a phenomenal master teacher and obviously put a huge amount of consideration and effort into the workshop. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to study with someone of his caliber.” R. S.

“Generous, responsible, attentive, competent & fun, what else could a student ask for? Seriously! I guess we can get trained in many things in life, but I don’t think we can teach people to carry a golden heart, or you have it or you don’t. Craig does! Thanks Noura for organizing this workshop.” A. M.

“I really enjoyed my 2 sessions with Kreg and each of them brought some interesting perspectives to my current practice. As soon as I enter the room I felt relax, at ease and ready to explore Kreg’s practice. It was such a great feeling. What I really liked about these sessions was the connection I had to my body during the practice, to the postures and the way we worked on the transition between postures. Each transition allowed me to go deeper into the stretch, pushing boundaries without hurting my body. It was almost like the body was expanding as we were going through the sequences. I also had on both evenings of the sessions a very good energy. Thank you for this experience and I hope we will have more to come!” K.M

“From the day of connecting with Kreg to discuss potential topics to cover in Dubai to leading his three day workshop, Kreg has proved to be an extremely professional, joyful, open-minded and generous teacher I have ever met and worked with. Having looked up highly to his teaching on his online Yoga portal “My Yoga Online” website, Kreg has bought more than expected to Dubai and to our participants. From putting together a pre-feedback questionnaire to all clients to gauge the level in their teaching practice and what would they like to see at the workshop, to our swift correspondence with emails, to taking over one of my Yoga sessions the day AFTER his arrival without any hesitation, to delivering a three day extremely packed workshop, he never turned down any questions asked by participants but instead, encouraged them to discuss it and dive deeper into the ‘whys and hows’.

Anatomy teaching can be dry. Kreg proved otherwise. His humility, joyfulness yet, skillful and extensive background in kinesiology integrated with a holistic approach in teaching intrigued me, questioned my teaching and showed us all sequences that are safe yet powerful. He taught a complimentary session at the end of each workshop day drawing more clients in because of his soothing voice, intelligent sequencing and patience in every form. I must admit, his topics at the workshop proved of immense value and weight in comparison to the ‘anatomy and physiology section’ of a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program.

With that, I highly recommend Kreg Weiss to anyone looking to bring in a teacher who really knows how integrate anatomy and yoga together in a joyful and extremely patient manner, also going on a holistic approach in teaching Hatha and putting together poses in an intelligent flow. Thank you ever so much for cramming a lot of very useful information in three days Kreg! I have never had participants walk away extremely satisfied and thankful with all their new knowledge in their practice applied straight away! Looking forward to having you back in Dubai for more workshops Kreg.” Noura El-Imam, Yogalates Bliss in Dubai host for 3-Day Yoga Teacher Development Workshop

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Dear Kregg, Would you ever consider coming to California for a Teacher Training? I am 65 and want to take a Yoga Teacher Training from you specifically. I have research many teachers and styles. Your presence and gentle movements are exactly what I have been looking for. flying from the Sierra Nevada mountains to BC is pretty far for every four weekends. do you ever teach a training that runs simultaneously? Incidently, I love your videos on GiamTV. Patti

    • Hi Patricia, Thank you very much for reaching out. I would be very open to sharing a training (or workshop intensive) in your region if there was a studio/retreat that was interested in hosting. If you have any ideas/connections with studios there, please let me know. Namaste, Kreg

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