Free Webinar: Yoga Anatomy of Twists

Join Kreg Weiss for this exploratory yoga workshop that will examine twisting yoga postures.  By understanding the functional design of the spine, we can more intuitively and mindfully invite space and movement into the core of the body.


Fundamentals of Yoga Back Bends

Yoga back bends bring an awakening to the front lines of the body. As we bring opening and radiance to these front lines, it is essential to recognize the inherent restrictions that exist across the kinetic chain of joints and to move into those restrictions with mindfulness and respect.

Open to Life’s Up Draughts

This last week, I was inspired by the idea of thermal columns and up draughts and how there is a wonderful analogy at play with yoga and life.  Thermal columns are upward flows of gases that have been warmed near the ground's surface.  These up draughts carry powerful energy that some species of birds readily take advantage of.  By flying into these thermal columns and opening their wing span with ease, these birds get carried into the atmosphere to staggering heights.  This passage of elevation mimics so much of how we can experience life.