Open to Life’s Up Draughts

This last week, I was inspired by the idea of thermal columns and up draughts and how there is a wonderful analogy at play with yoga and life.  Thermal columns are upward flows of gases that have been warmed near the ground's surface.  These up draughts carry powerful energy that some species of birds readily take advantage of.  By flying into these thermal columns and opening their wing span with ease, these birds get carried into the atmosphere to staggering heights.  This passage of elevation mimics so much of how we can experience life.

Nurturing Your Neck: Yoga Support For Your Suboccipitals

A pain in the neck, well, is a real 'pain in the neck'. So much of our neck pain originates from lifestyle patterns: sleep, work posture, how we sit at home, head position during gait and exercise. The common mistake to relieve neck pain is to simply stretch out the tension. Instead of addressing the cause of the problem, it can be tempting to just treat the symptoms. Treating 'symptoms' with unmindful stretching can readily be contraindicating and ineffective, such is the case with issues surrounding the suboccipital muscles and forward head syndrome.