Intention Pose of the Day: Natarajasana

I played with King Dancer pose today and it immediately helped me acknowledge how organic alignment and misalignment can greatly affect the perception of quality of ‘depth’ in asanas. Dancer pose offers key stretching benefits to the hamstrings (supporting leg), hip flexors (elevated thigh side), abdominal muscles, and chest (elevated thigh side).

Exploring Hamstring Muscles in Janu Sirsasana and Forward Bending Yoga Poses

One of the benefits of many forward bending Yoga poses is expanding and stretching of the hamstring muscles. Therefore, it is ideal to take time in our Yoga classes to align the sit bones and leg bones so we can target the proper line of stretch of the hamstring muscles. With this alignment, we should understand the basic anatomy and mechanics of the various hamstring muscles.

Bring Foundation to Balancing Yoga Poses

In all standing Balance Yoga Poses, establishing the connection and energy through the foot is essential. With this proper foundation, Balancing Yoga Poses have increased stability, endurance and overall expression of physical and mental control. Often when people practice Balancing Yoga postures like Vrksasana (Tree Pose), they quickly set the foot position and then allow … Continue reading Bring Foundation to Balancing Yoga Poses