Cautions With Hot Yoga Classes

Q: I have been asked before regarding the difference/advantages/disadvantages to hot yoga; and I found your explanation very informative. Could you pass along some of the info from a factual/kinesiology standpoint to me to in turn pass along when asked? A: I just had this conversation with someone in the gym, so here is my science-based perspective on WHY PEOPLE SHOULD BE CAUTIOUS AND INFORMED WHEN DOING HOT YOGA.

Energy and Weight Placement on the Wrists in Yoga

A recurring question I receive from yoga students is about issues with wrist discomfort and injuries. Having had a history of wrist injuries due to competitive sports, I am sensitive to how students work with their hands within poses and overall sequencing in the practices. Due to the nature of most hand positions in yoga poses, there is a tendency to collapse into specific areas of the wrist and, without due care, this can lead to detrimental effects.

Maintaining Safety and Space in Yoga Back Bends

Hatha Yoga has an array of back bending or back arching Yoga exercises that deliver a wealth of health benefits when done correctly. Back bending Yoga poses can be intimidating to those who have low back pain or previous low back injuries. When performed with the right intention and alignment techniques, back bends can be safe, effective, and revitalizing. The common error of doing back bending Yoga exercises is the immediate emphasis of moving into the spine thinking that we need to increase the "flexibility of the vertebrae".