Yoga for Stronger Feet, Stronger Balance

Balancing yoga postures can be an intense challenge for many practitioners. When we hold balancing poses for extended breaths and even cycle in multiple balancing poses in a row, we readily see many students in the group coming out of the sequence needing to shake off the tension and lactic acid build up in the feet. Equally problematic for many is just the simple process of finding steadiness. When I did my teacher training (eons ago), we were taught to suggest to students that they step off their mat to find more stable grounding. I have recently come to a conclusion that this may be of disservice and in fact, we may want to consider going in the opposite direction to, in fact, challenge our balancing poses even more.

Intention Pose of the Day: Warrior 3 Balance

I have been placing extra attention on the outer hip musculature lately with an attempt to free up, what seems like, a life time of congestion in and around the hip capsules. Besides the obvious deep lateral rotator and gluteal muscle tension, I have been particularly prone to extreme tightness in the tensor fascia lata and iliotibial band (outer thigh running from the hip crest down to the outer knee).