Empower Your Nutrition By Reading Food Labels

Food companies go out of their way to repackage and market their processed food items as nutritious and 'healthy'. These marketing strategies are rarely followed by improvements in the actual food quality. Therefore, we need to be diligent in knowing exactly what we are buying and putting into our bodies. Just by carefully reading and understanding food labels, you can empower your nutritional decisions. Here is simple list of food items we should avoid and replace as these common ingredients offer little to no health benefits and, in fact, may produce chronic health problems with regular consumption.

Vega has changed: for the better

Vega’s Whole Health Food Optimizer has changed! It is now Vega One (all-in-one nutritional shake). I had the opportunity to try out the updated formula and I am happy to see that their vegan goodness continues. I am a huge fan of the Vega products and in particular, the Vega One product. I am a food label junkie and I avoid anything and everything that looks like junk for the body. With Vega One, there are no preservatives, no added sugar, no artificial flavours, no soy, no dairy – just great tasting alkaline-forming, whole foods to boost one’s daily nutrition plan.

Can Poor Head Posture Affect Your Sleep?

Many people experience problems with acquiring proper, restful sleep.  We often associate this with direct causes like stress, anxiety, or diet.  Have you ever thought about your overall daily posture and, in particular, your head position being part of the reason for poor sleep habits?  Many chronic health symptoms we experience can actually be indirect …