Immune Booster Giveaway from Giddy Yoyo

As most of us are shifting into the Fall season, this is becomes an opportune time to engage deeper into wellness practices that enhance and boost our immune systems. To curb the onset of the waves of colds and flus, simple holistic practices can readily reduce the occurrence and duration of these seasonal maladies. Consuming nutrient-rich foods including super foods can greatly support strong immune system health. I am excited to be able to give away 1 (one) $50 gift certificate from my friends at Giddy Yoyo so you can enjoy a wide variety of immune boosting super foods.

Keep Your Tea Loose

Drinking herbal teas goes hand in hand for most people striving to optimize their health and wellness practices. Many people are aware that all teas are not created equal and that many tea lines contain pesticides, chemical flavorings and GMO ingredients. Attempting to improve your tea quality by selecting 100% organic products can still leave you consuming harmful chemicals due to the type of bags with which you are brewing.

New Thrive Forward Kitchen Edition: Inspiring Plant-Based Nutrition

I call myself an 'intentional vegan'. Overall, I aim to consume a balanced plant-based diet on a daily basis allowing for minor 'exceptions' when required. Through thoughtful planning, I find this nutritional lifestyle easy to follow and highly rewarding. Some of the rewards come from learning new foods and techniques that can readily replace conventional omnivore diets. One new tool that I am excited to share is the new Thrive Kitchen Edition part of the Thrive Forward program.

Rise Kombucha: New Flavours Launch

Kombucha has become all the rage with the yoga community becoming the side-kick to the yogi's mat - and for good reason. I was invited to a new flavours launch party by Rise Kombucha (based out of Montreal). They hosted a great event celebrating 2 new flavours, Mint Chlorophyll and Rose Schizandra. WHAT IS KOMBUCHA?