Nurturing Your Neck: Yoga Support For Your Suboccipitals

A pain in the neck, well, is a real 'pain in the neck'. So much of our neck pain originates from lifestyle patterns: sleep, work posture, how we sit at home, head position during gait and exercise. The common mistake to relieve neck pain is to simply stretch out the tension. Instead of addressing the cause of the problem, it can be tempting to just treat the symptoms. Treating 'symptoms' with unmindful stretching can readily be contraindicating and ineffective, such is the case with issues surrounding the suboccipital muscles and forward head syndrome.

Can Poor Head Posture Affect Your Sleep?

Many people experience problems with acquiring proper, restful sleep.  We often associate this with direct causes like stress, anxiety, or diet.  Have you ever thought about your overall daily posture and, in particular, your head position being part of the reason for poor sleep habits?  Many chronic health symptoms we experience can actually be indirect … Continue reading Can Poor Head Posture Affect Your Sleep?