The Disadvantage of Our Internal Rotators

Poor posture is often a combination of cascading, dysfunctional elements acting on our musculoskeletal system. This dysfunction is not helped by the fact we have a strong tendency towards a dominance of our internal rotators of the humerus (upper arm bone). As muscle tension imbalances set in across the shoulders and upper arms, the dominance of internal rotation places dragging tension onto the shoulder blades. This ultimately draws the shoulder blades forward that leads to inhibition and weakening of the musculature needed to counter dominant internal shoulder rotation. Let's look at all the various internal rotators to gain a better sense of these tension imbalances.

Intention Pose of the Day: Navasana

Oh, how everyone is on the 'core' bandwagon these days. Some seeking postural therapy, others striving for the slim and trim waistline. This has brought on a wave of yoga sequencing crazes by yoga teachers with Navasana (Boat Pose) being tossed in repeatedly. As much as I appreciate the sensation of 'core' engagement that Boat pose offers, I find the use of this seated pose excessive and, in many cases, inappropriate for the masses.

Mountain Pose: A Starting Point for Integrity in Yoga

What is the purpose of Yoga poses? For me, the purpose of Yoga poses is to create a healthy flow of energy through the body to transit an aurora of vitality into the mind and soul. With new each practice, I establish an intention that every position develops with pure, balanced space in the spine and, from this, the core's energy is invited to move outwards into the limbs. This positive flow of energy transmits back through the nervous system to the mind in a healing manner rather than a stimulation of struggle and ego.

Can Poor Head Posture Affect Your Sleep?

Many people experience problems with acquiring proper, restful sleep.  We often associate this with direct causes like stress, anxiety, or diet.  Have you ever thought about your overall daily posture and, in particular, your head position being part of the reason for poor sleep habits?  Many chronic health symptoms we experience can actually be indirect … Continue reading Can Poor Head Posture Affect Your Sleep?