Delve Into The Health Benefits of Balasana

Balasana (Child's Pose) can be a highly under-rated and under-utilized Yoga Pose in our Yoga classes. Balasana yields tremendous physical, mental, and energetic benefits including:


Sitali Tongue Hissing: Cooling Pranayam for Body and Mind

Sitali pranayam is a well known practice. It refers to the sound caused when air is drawn or inhaled in through the protruding tongue that is curled into a tube. During the inhale phases, a cooling sensation is felt over the tongue and into the throat which refreshes and relaxes the mind and body. To …

Mastering Stress Through Witnessing

The quality of one's life is highly dependent on becoming proactive in selecting healthy lifestyle choices. Quality of life is measured on a broad scale looking at one's overall wellness, which  encompasses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. As many people are now more knowledgeable about developing greater awareness towards improving physical health, most people still endure chronic …