Wrist Free Yoga Flow For Hips and Spine

Just as our minds need rest, sometimes so do our hands and wrists. Engage your hips in this hatha yoga flow designed to keep your hands free from any loading or pressure. Ideal for those with wrist injuries or conditions while still looking for challenge in their practice.


Chaturanga Dandasana: Why Are Yoga Pushups So Difficult?

You start off your yoga flow with a wonderful period of calm centering followed by an invigorating series of breath work.  Your yoga teacher guides you into a light series of cat poses and eases you into mountain pose.  Then, your teacher sets your stance for a vinyasa flow.  You feel ready, full of confidence …

Aligning Twisting Yoga Poses

Twisting Yoga poses like Half Twist pose, Revolving Triangle pose, and Revolving Side Angle pose create joyous benefits. The twisting motions increase mobility in the vertebral column, massage internal organs, massage nutrients in and through the spine, aid in moving material through the digestive system, tone back and core muscles, and balance energy flow throughout the main …