Functional Biomechanics of the Yoga Vinyasa Jump Through

The classic, straight leg jump through in Vinyasa/Ashtanga flows requires a combination of specific strength engagement techniques along with ample range of motion in the back lines of the body. With this foundation of strength and flexibility, you then need to be able to coordinate these physical elements in order to systematically flow the legs through to sitting.

Chaturanga Dandasana: Why Are Yoga Pushups So Difficult?

You start off your yoga flow with a wonderful period of calm centering followed by an invigorating series of breath work.  Your yoga teacher guides you into a light series of cat poses and eases you into mountain pose.  Then, your teacher sets your stance for a vinyasa flow.  You feel ready, full of confidence … Continue reading Chaturanga Dandasana: Why Are Yoga Pushups So Difficult?

Burning Calories: How Yoga Measures Up

My personal yoga practice stems around gaining physical and mental wellness through expansion and connection.  But I certainly appreciate and acknowledge that yoga acts as a form of exercise with one major benefit being that it does expend calories and help maintain healthy body composition (ie keep body fat in check).  With so many people … Continue reading Burning Calories: How Yoga Measures Up

Keeping Grace in Vinyasa Flows

Power Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga classes are beautiful explorations of more physically challenging flows. Vinyasa classes require us to send a great amount of attention and awareness into the physical in order to create and sustain integrity. Within these more vigorous Yoga practices, we should continually guide ourselves back to the intention, grace, and definition of … Continue reading Keeping Grace in Vinyasa Flows