Piriformis: Exploring Hip Rotators

Our hips are one of the most mobile joints of the body thanks to their 'ball and socket' design.  One of the primary movements of the hips is rotation.  External (or lateral) rotation is facilitated by numerous muscles including the Piriformis muscle.  This muscle has an interesting anatomical setup that requires some playful and purposeful isolation into order to functionally target it when stretching.

Intention Pose of the Day: Warrior 3 Balance

I have been placing extra attention on the outer hip musculature lately with an attempt to free up, what seems like, a life time of congestion in and around the hip capsules. Besides the obvious deep lateral rotator and gluteal muscle tension, I have been particularly prone to extreme tightness in the tensor fascia lata and iliotibial band (outer thigh running from the hip crest down to the outer knee).