Yoga Workshop at Studio Blue Toronto

Yoga Anatomy for Upper Body Stabilization When: Saturday, October 18th 2:00pm – 4:00pm Where: Studio Blue Yoga, 1457 Dundas St West, Toronto, ON Description:  Join us as we explore fundamental yoga anatomy and alignment principles aimed to bring intelligence and harmony to the wrists, shoulders, and shoulder girdle.  Enhance the effectiveness of your yoga practice as we … Continue reading Yoga Workshop at Studio Blue Toronto

Line of Sight: Mindful Use of Drishtis

Using drishtis (focal points) in yoga offers great benefits including enhanced balance, increased inner awareness and concentration, reduced distractions, and greater connection to breath. While some styles of practice have specific drishti points, we will look at some basic elements of setting focal points to insure that optimum benefits and quality in postures are being delivered.

Stretch Tolerance: Functional Benefits and Cautions in Yoga

Becoming 'more flexible' is one of the more common interests for people entering a yoga program. Many studies from exercise science and yoga increasingly demonstrate the immense benefits of stretching including increased range of joint motion and tissue extensibility (aka 'increased flexibility'). One aspect that is rarely addressed in the development of flexibility is stretch tolerance. Let's discuss how yoga stretching offers benefits in improving stretch tolerance along with some mindful cautions.