Engage Abductor Hallicus to Awaken Our Foundation

The feet are a crucial point of foundation in the majority of our yoga postures. Without discernible awareness to the foundation from our foot connection to the earth, alignment issues can readily cascade through the kinetic chain of joints that interact with our feet.  By mindfully engaging our feet, we can awaken this foundation and … Continue reading Engage Abductor Hallicus to Awaken Our Foundation

Yoga is Good For Your Heart

For regular yoga practitioners, we clearly know yoga provides a bounty of health and wellness benefits. The aspects of flexibility, strength, stress-reduction, and improved energy becomes a primary focus for most people. But a new study adds an even more convincing and motivating reason to do yoga regularly. A study from the University of North Texas Health Science Centre has discovered strong evidence that stretching and flexibility are related to the health of arteries and overall cardiovascular health.

Stretching Your Thighs: Know the Kinetic Chain of Your Quadriceps

We are familiar with our quadriceps muscles – the bulky muscles on the front of the thigh. We readily associated these muscles with extending (straightening) the knee since these muscles come together to form a single tendon that crosses the knee joint. But how the quadriceps attach at the other ends often gets missed with regards to how muscle tension in the thighs can affect the hips and spine.