Yoga Inversions and High Blood Pressure

The practice of Yoga poses (Hatha Yoga) offers tremendous health and wellness benefits, but certain health conditions require important modifications and omissions of specific asanas. High blood pressure is a serious health condition that generates many possible contraindications especially in Yoga postures that invert the head below the level of the heart. High blood pressure … Continue reading Yoga Inversions and High Blood Pressure

Keeping Grace in Vinyasa Flows

Power Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga classes are beautiful explorations of more physically challenging flows. Vinyasa classes require us to send a great amount of attention and awareness into the physical in order to create and sustain integrity. Within these more vigorous Yoga practices, we should continually guide ourselves back to the intention, grace, and definition of … Continue reading Keeping Grace in Vinyasa Flows

Bring Foundation to Balancing Yoga Poses

In all standing Balance Yoga Poses, establishing the connection and energy through the foot is essential. With this proper foundation, Balancing Yoga Poses have increased stability, endurance and overall expression of physical and mental control. Often when people practice Balancing Yoga postures like Vrksasana (Tree Pose), they quickly set the foot position and then allow … Continue reading Bring Foundation to Balancing Yoga Poses

Aligning Twisting Yoga Poses

Twisting Yoga poses like Half Twist pose, Revolving Triangle pose, and Revolving Side Angle pose create joyous benefits. The twisting motions increase mobility in the vertebral column, massage internal organs, massage nutrients in and through the spine, aid in moving material through the digestive system, tone back and core muscles, and balance energy flow throughout the main … Continue reading Aligning Twisting Yoga Poses