Why Functional Yoga Anatomy?

A significant and necessary shift is occurring in the yoga world where teaching is evolving from the common standardization of yoga poses towards more individualization and customization.  Functional yoga anatomy explores the uniqueness and variability in body structures and mechanics, and aims to inspire students/practitioners of yoga to engage their practices with an authentic approach.

For the last few decades (and during the rise of yoga teacher trainings), yoga pose instructions were learnt and delivered in a standardized fashion (I call this the ‘box’).  This standardization of cues and aligning was often formatted and implemented to create ease and simplification in the training process.  The outcome was a massive wave of accredited instructors entering the yoga community with a narrowed skillset.   By teaching and practicing in this ‘box’, a primary assumption is made that we are designed the same, therefore we should all align the same.  Another major assumption shared is that yoga, by default, is always good for you.  Due to our vast differences in body structures as well as our wide variance in lifestyles and habitual patterns, this format of teaching and practicing from a ‘box’ is far too simplistic and ineffective.

When we begin to learn to teach and practice outside of the ‘box’, a powerful, new relationship and conversation begins to surface with the practice.  Our intentions radically shift.  A sense of empowerment and permission saturates our soul.   We start to ask ourselves, ‘Is this yoga application truly relevant, effective, meaningful, and addressing my unique needs?’.   While we are a drop in the vast pool of conscious collective energy, this drop is still unique.  As we unite and flow in the group practice, our vibration calls us to remain attentive and genuine to our individuality.

My next 100 hr Integrative Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai will delve deep into the aspects of authenticity and structural uniqueness through an extensive overview of functional yoga anatomy, yoga pose dissections, and integrative practice sequencing.  Much of our focus will be exploring how to practice and teach with a non-standardizing approach.  The ‘box’ is merely a foundational starting point to teach from – be part of the evolution of teaching and practicing with greater integrity and with a more sound, holistic approach.

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