Using Yoga and Meditation to Balance the Nervous System

Our Hatha Yoga classes and Meditation practices are valuable tools for countering the barrage of negative energies and stressors presented by the world. Most people live with constant echos of stress vibrating through the nervous system leading to chronic disease. Our nervous system has two main pathways that automatically run the functions of the body.

The sympathetic nervous system drives the bodily functions during periods of stress or, more commonly known, the “flight or fight” stages. This system, when over-used, drains the body of energy and shunts nourishing blood from many vital organs to compensate for the use of energy.

The opposite system, parasympathetic nervous system, is active during periods of rest. Organs like the digestive system are given ample flow of energy and nutrients to function. The body uses this system to rejuvenate and repair. When we allow negative stressors to compound and linger in the mind, these negative energies keep the sympathetic nervous system active placing great stress on the body.

Organs and tissues are worn down and the immune system is weakened leaving the body susceptible to disease. Many people live their lives with constant burdens of stress, anxiety, and worries which causes the sympathetic nervous to remain in an idling state of activity. Stressing energies result in an array of negative health responses including elevated heart rates, shortness of breath, poor digestion, constipation, headaches, tense muscles and joint problems. Hatha Yoga and Meditation provides periods in the day to dissolve these negative stressors.

Yoga postures and Meditation create awareness to how and what type of energy is existing in the body and mind. The more we practice, the more we become sensitive to the stress and react appropriately to remove this energy or the conditions causing the stress. We bring balance to the nervous system in that we allow proper time of the mind and body to settle into the parasympathetic system and revitalize.

When practicing, take time to fully enjoy and appreciate the healing benefits of Yoga and Meditation: the balancing energies, the changes in mood, and the refreshing qualities that accompanies connection.

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