Motivation to Pause: The Benefits of Meditation

Research has revealed that a regular meditation practice can improve psychological and physiological well-being. As one meditates, the brainwave pattern is brought into an alpha state, a level of consciousness that encourages the rejuvenation and healing of the mind and body. This article outlines the vast psychological and physiological benefits of meditation.

Physiological Benefits of Meditation
* decreases stress resulting in lower levels of cortisol and lactate
* decreases muscle tension and headaches (as with PMS)
* promotes a more restful state (lowers heart rate, lowers body’s core temperature, decreases high blood pressure, and decreases metabolic rate)

* decreases cholesterol levels
* improves respiratory function and decreases respiratory rate
* enhances immune system
* increases the production of serotonin-low levels of serotonin are connected with insomnia, depression, obesity, and headaches
* reduces level of free radicals
* promotes pain management especially for women during childbirth

Psychological Benefits of Meditation
* decreases stress
* decreases depression and irritability
* decreases anxiety
* promotes greater creativity
* improves memory and learning ability
* improves ability to focus and concentrate
* leads to increased self-actualization, self-confidence and self-acceptance
* leads to increased emotional stability
* promotes increased levels happiness and contentment in life
* discovery of personal and spiritual growth

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